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house sitting

When your lights are on a timer, and your curtains and blinds are closed, it's obvious when you're not home. Trust All About Detail to watch your home while you're away and give it that lived-in look! We custom-tailor our house-sitting services:


  • curtain/blind/light management

  • mail pickup

  • plant care

  • stocking the fridge


but not limited to...

wait services

"Time spent waiting for in-home services and appointments cost American workers $37.7 billion in 2011...Tally up all of those hours waiting around for the doorbell to ring and it's the equivalent to every single working American losing two full days of work per year."

CNN Money

Don't waste valuable time waiting for deliveries and service calls. We are happy to wait for things like:


  • contractors

  • parcel deliveries

  • service providers

  • furniture and appliance deliveries 


but not limited to...

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